03 July, 2019

Megrelian Cuisine - The best Megrelian Dishes

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Wonder why the travelers who have already visited the country, want to come back to Georgia?

One of the primary reasons is to try Georgian food once again. And, there is nobody out there who doesn’t love traditional Georgian food. 

Passed on from generation to generation over so many years, the preparation customs of the Georgian food is what makes the cuisine particular in the world. Georgian traditional food is prepared differently in various regions of the country.

And, we are extremely proud of our cuisine.

Samegrelo is a historic province in the western part of Georgia. This region is very famous for its Megrelian cuisine. 

Megrelian food is hot and spicy. We will tell you a short story of why Megrelians love to use plenty of spices, flavors, and walnuts. 

This western part of Georgia has a humid subtropical climate. For that reason, infectious disease, Malaria was spread in Western Georgia in the past. 

Megrelians have found a way to prevent the disease. They have started to create disease-fighting foods in that area. They would use a lot of peppers that partially reduced the risk of Malaria. 

Megrelian cuisine is enriched with peppers, spices, and walnuts. 

Let’s see which are the traditional Megrelian foods.


Elarji is one of the main foods in Samegrelo. 

It seems very easy to cook Elarji. But it’s not the truth. You can eat a real Elarji in Samegrelo. We can assure you that you will be quite happy with it. 

Elarji is made with dairy products, coarse-gound, and corn flours. Megrelians use Cheese, Sulguni that makes the food stretchable. These flours and cheese are boiled together. Finally, the whole food looks and tastes so delicious. 

It’s not a daily dish in Samegrelo. Megrelians make Elarji for special guests and on holidays. 

Don’t miss your chance to visit Samegrelo when you’re in Georgia. That would be a lifetime experience. 


Gebjalia is a traditional Megrelian dish. The word “Bja” means milk in Megrelelian language. So, this food is made into the boiled milk.

The preparation process of Gebjalia and Suluguni is almost the same. 

Gebjalia is made with milk, spices, and mint leaves. The newly boiled cheese, Sulgun is mixed with mints and cut as the cheese rolls. 

Gebjalia has a form like a circle. This food portrayed the sun and was used on ritualistic ceremonies. 

Gebjalia is made on holidays in Samegrelo.

Soup Kharcho

Soup Kharcho is delicious food in Samegrelo. Karcho usually is made in cold days of Winter. 

The recipe of this soup is the reason why it’s a traditional dish in the western part of Georgia. Megrelians use a lot of different spices, grains of rice, waters, tomato paste or tomatoes, and beef to make Soup Kharcho. 


The word “Puchkholia” means to have something crumbled in Megrelian. 

Megrelians use the new cheese that is easy to crumble. The crumbled cheese is mixed with garlic sauce, coriander, peppers, and mints. 

Megrelians put the ingredients into the hot Ghomi where the cheese starts melting. 

Puchkholia is one of the delicious dishes in Samegrelo.

Megrelian Kuchmachi

Kuchmachi is a traditional food in Georgia. It’s made in a lot of diverse ways. 

The traditional Megrelian Kuchmachi is hot and flavored. The recipe of Kuchmachi proves that western people of Georgia still remember their history and the way to make spicy or hot dishes. 

Kuchmachi is made with the heart and liver of beef or pig, onions, pomegranates, red peppers,

and other spices. 

Kuchmachi can be made every season. 


Ajika originally comes from western Georgia, Abkhazia, and Samegrelo. Ajika is a traditional Georgian hot and spicy sauce. Ajika is mostly used to make other dishes flavored. 

The main ingredients of Ajika are red pepper, garlic, salt, and different kinds of herbs and spices. Megrelians make red and green Ajika. 

Ajika granted the status of Intangible Cultural Heritage in 2018. Ajika is a popular sauce not only in the whole of Georgia but in the world. 

Megrelian Khachapuri

Khachapuri is the primary dish of Georgian cuisine. Every region of the country has its particular way to make Khachapuri. Megrelian Khachapuri is also called as Megruli Khachapuri.

You can try Megruli, Svanuri, Khevsuruli, Acharuli, Imeruli Khachapuri when you are in Georgia. The main ingredients for making Khachapuri are the dough and cheese in every part of the country.

Megrelian Khachapuri looks like Imeruli. They have almost the same visuals. But, Megrelians add the cheese above the dough not inside. 

Megrelian Satsivi

Megrelian satsivi is a traditional Georgian appetizer. And, it’s one of the favorite dishes that Georgians love to make on holidays.

Satsivi is made with walnuts, dry herbs, turkey or chickens. Megrelian Satsivi is white. 

Satsivi is the main Christmas dish in Georgia. Georgians usually eat Satvisi with Ghomi.

Megrelian Chvishtari

Chvishtary originally comes from Svaneti region. But, this food is popular in Samegrelo and Megrelians have their own way of making Chvishtari. 

Chvishtari is the Georgian cornbread with cheese. Megrelians use corn flour, milk, and cheese to make Chvishtari. 

You should eat Chvishtari until it’s cold, otherwise, it won’t be so delicious. 

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