16 April, 2019

The Best 5 Wellness and Spa Resorts in Georgia

Georgia is a rich country for having a well-structured spa and wellness resorts. If you’re the one who looks for an incredible spa and wellness resorts in Georgia, you’ve come to the right place. You’ll have an overall image of the resorts which Georgia offers to travelers.

Why is Georgia the good place for spa and wellness resorts? Well, the country has a temperate climate and a healthy environment because of its good location. You can book your vacation in any of those following mountain or valley spa and wellness resorts.

It’s worth noting that, mineral springs can treat some types of diseases.

So, if you want to spend your vacation in any of these resorts for the treatment and recreation purposes, we’ll give  you the list of the best 5 spa resorts of Georgia.

Each of these resort has its particular characteristics, and values, therefore we’ll give you a clear picture of it to make the best possible decision given to you.

Tbilisi Balneological Resort

Tbilisi Balneological Resort is one of the prominent resort, and it has no other analogy in the whole country. It’s a treatment diagnostic and rehabilitation institution, equipped with natural treatment options. The treatment procedure includes the therapy with the sulphureous-waters and therapy with muds.

Tbilisi was a well-known city for its sulfury waters yet in the ancient time. According to the studies, it was possible to use the sulphury waters for treatment purposes in the 19th century. Tbilisi Balneological resort was created in 1938. The territory of the resort covers the 400 hectares.

Tbilisi Balneological Resort is located in the center of the capital, in a very convenient place. On the eastern side of the resort is river Mtkvari and 300 Aragveli Monument, the south-west part is bordered by Tbilisi Botanical Garden and the south by Krtsanisi.

Which diseases can be treated at Tbilisi Balneological Resort?

You can treat cardio logical, peripheral neurological, urological, endocrinological, dermatological, pediatric, gynecologic, and skeletal diseases at Tbilisi balneological Resort.

See the location of the resort. 

Bioli Medical Wellness Resort

Bioli Medical Wellness Resort is for those who love to live in a healthy way or for the ones who would like to spend their vacation in a peaceful environment. Bioli is built for one main reason - to maintain a healthy way of living in a good and convenient environment.

You’ll be able to create your new healthy lifestyle which will improve your physical and mental health.

Bioli offers a lot of different kind of services and activities to make your time worthwhile. You’ll be able to take physical activities and therapy, release from the stress and constant fatigue, eat only natural, healthy food and get the rehabilitation procedures. Besides, the services and programs are created to maintain a healthy way of living, Bioli offers the recreation zone as well. You can play a game of table tennis, billiard or even chess.

Bioli Medical Wellness Resort is located in Kojori, Tbilisi. The right location of the resort enables the guests to take procedures and spend time peacefully in an appropriate environment. The resort is surrounded by the pine and leafy trees. The strategist location of the resort is the best opportunity for those who have a weak immune system and need to gain strength and fight the diseases.

If you love enjoying the views of the forest and city, you may find it beautiful to book a cottage in nature at the resort.

To whom is Bioli Medical Wellness Resort recommended?

Bioli has the following programs: Detox, Intro, Anti-Stress, and Chronic Fatigue Management. So, if you need to have a healthy lifestyle, release from the toxins and stress, these programs will help you to succeed in it.

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Lopota Lake - Resort & Spa

Lopota Lake - Resort & Spa is a magnificent resort for releasing from the fatigue and stress. You’ll enjoy the views of the leafy forest and lake from the resort. You can work out in the gym, take a different kind of activities or take participation in the wellness and spa procedures. If you’re the one who always seeks the new ways from escaping the city lifestyle, you may find it helpful to spend your vacation at Lopota Lake Resort.

Lopota Lake resort is situated in the region of viticulture, Kakheti. You’ll need about 2 hours to get to Kakheti. You’ll have an opportunity to swim in an outdoor and indoor swimming pools. Besides, you can plan some meetings or events in a conference room, arrange a party or even book a table in a restaurant where you can taste the Georgian food and wine with stunning views.

The resort has a separated tourist corner for you where you can see the whole procedure of how Georgians make wine and try the Georgian wine.

To whom is Lopota Lake – Resort & Spa recommended?

If you want to improve your mental and physical health, need to recharge your energy you can go to Lopota Lake. The resort offers you yoga, spa and wellness procedures.

See the location of the resort. 

Tskaltubo Spa Resort

Tskaltubo is one of the incredible spa resort in the whole country. You know, what travelers love the most about Tskaltubo Spa Resort? You can take the radon thermal baths that can treat about 60 kinds of different diseases. Tskaltubo resort offers the individual programs in which you can take thermal baths, massages, physiotherapy, or other types of services.

Tskaltubo Spa Resort is located 15 Km away from Kutaisi and around 250 Km away from Tbilisi. It’ll take 3 hours and 30 minutes to reach Tskaltubo resort.

Tskaltubo was considered as a good place for the treatment options yet, in the XII-XIII centuries. Tskaltubo as a balneological resort was created after it became public poverty in 1920. A lot of well-known people, including Joseph Stalin has visited this place.

Which diseases can be treated at Tskaltubo Spa Resort?

You can treat the following diseases: limb, peripheral neurological system, heart and blood vessel, metabolic disorder, dermatological, endocrine system, and gynecologic diseases.

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Sairme Resort

Sairme is the biggest resort in Europe and known for its mineral springs. The resort owns four different kinds of treatment,  and 1 thermal spring. You can take spa and wellness procedures to keep you healthy. If you’re with your family members or friends, it’ll be a perfect idea to spend time at the recreation center. You can enjoy the swimming in the outdoor and indoor pools, zip-lining, biking and playing at the playground.

Investigation showed the treatment characteristics of the mineral spring of Sairme in 1912. After this, Sairme was built as an official balneological resort in the first half of the XX century.

Sairme Resort is located in the Baghdati Municipality. It will take 1 hour and 30 minutes to get there from Kutaisi and about 4 hours from Tbilisi.

Sairme owns the sanatoriums, spa and wellness centers, the recreation zone, outdoor and indoor pools, and other different services.

Which diseases can be treated at Sairme Resort?

The mineral waters can treat the following diseases: Urethral Calculi, Gallbladder - Peeling, Gastrointestinal diseases and metabolic disorders. 

See the location of the resort. 

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