28 August, 2018

Top 10 Georgian dishes you can't forget

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Georgia is known for its delicious food. While traveling in Georgia you will notice that throughout the country the taste and flavor differs. Every province of Georgia has its own variation of traditional cuisine.

Georgian dishes are suitable for all kind of eaters. Whether you eat meat, or not, you would not stay hungry here. Vegetarians can try lots of different delicious dishes too.

Here is our top 10 Georgian must-eat dishes you can't forget and will easily find in every Georgian restaurant.

1. Khinkali

The first one is khinkali which is originated in the mountainous Regions of Georgia. Khinkali is like dumpling whether with meatball, cheese, potato or mushroom. The most popular version is made with meat. A good khinkali must have juice inside. It is eaten by hands, first of all you have to take small bite, in order to slurp juice up and then eat it. You can add black pepper on it, some also add vinegar it is to your taste.


2. Khachapuri

Khachapuri is a traditional Georgian dish. It is a perfect takeaway Georgian food. khachapuri consists of specially made dough and cheese. Some may associate it with pizza but it has no additional elements and is not as complex as pizza is. Khachapuri comes in many varieties. In our top 10 Georgian dishes we recommend you to try boat-shaped Adjaruli khachapuri.


3. Pkhali

Pkhali is a traditional Georgian dish. Most popular version of pkhali is made with spinach and beets. It's a must-try dish for vegetarians. Pkhali is a cold appetizer which consists of chopped vegatables combined with walnuts, herbs, onions, garlic.


4. Satsivi

Satsivi is another Georgian cold dish you have to try. It’s a sauce of walnuts which may have turkey, chicken or fish inside. Satsivi is traditionally served on Christmas table.


5. Elarji

Elarji Is mouthwatering dish of Georgian Region Samegrelo, that will blow your mind. It consists of a roughly milled corn flour and a cheese which are boiled together. Elarji was considered as a dish for a respected guest.


6. Eggplant Walnut Rolls

Eggplant Walnut Roll is another Cold appetizer. It’s a vegetarian dish and is often served with pkhali. It is made with fried eggplant and spiced walnut rolled together.

nigvziani badrijani Eggplant Walnut Rolls

7. Chakapuli

Chakapuli is another mouthwatering Georgian dish, which you can’t forget. Chakapuli is traditionally made with lamb, tarragon leaves, cherry plums or cherry plum sauce called Tkemali, dry white wine, herbs and garlic.


8. Chikhirtma

Chikhirtma is a delicious traditional Georgian soup, considered to be a hangover cure. The main ingredient is Chicken along with vinegar, egg, flour and onion.

Chikhirtma, Georgian dish

9. Kharcho

Dish you also can’t forget is Kharcho, which is a traditional Georgian soup. Main ingredients are beef, rice, Tkemali.


10. Bean served in small clay jar

And last but not least is Beans served in a small clay jar. It is a vegetarian dish, which is served often with pickles.

lobio kotanshi beans

Bon appétit!

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