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About Bevreti - Mukhattskaro

Best time to visit: Spring, Summer, Autumn

The bicycle route starts at Lisi Lake and goes to Mukhattskaro by asphalt road. It is quite difficult to climb to Mukhattskaro, but the asphalt road makes it relatively easy to move. After Mukhattskaro, the route will pass through Mskhaldidi and run to the right, in the direction of Beveti. The asphalt road is only to Mukhattskaro, from here you will find a normal dirt road to Mskhaldidi, and from Mskhaldidi is an abandoned road, you will face relatively more difficulties. There are quite large descents in this section. On the way you will meet small rivers and you will be able to refill your water supply.

The route goes directly to the Mothers' Monastery of Mtskheta, and then the usual functioning dirt road leads to Tbilisi. First you will pass Tsodoreti and then you will finish at the same place where you started. The route can be traversed from Bevreti, to Mukhattskaro, but on Bevreti - Mskhaldidi section are quite steep and you will have to carry the bike by hand in some places. So it is better to go uphill and downhill in a relatively simple, asphalt way. Passing the route on the new rain is not recommended as the road will pass through the forest and it will be impossible to ride a bike in the mud.

It is recommended to use a mountain (MTB) type bicycle on this route, as most of the road is dirt and quite difficult.

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41.742534 , 44.725488
Duration: 1 day
Total distance: 30 km
Difficulty: Medium
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