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კოტეჯის შესახებ

Best time to visit: All Season

Cottage Larda is located in the village of Latali in Svaneti, near the central road, 9 kilometers from Mestia.

The cottage is designed for a maximum of 4 people, in the cottage you will find a kitchen and a bathroom equipped with all necessary things, a bedroom for 2 people on the second floor, and a sofa bed in the living room where 3 people can be accommodated. There is also a fireplace in the cottage. The cottage is located by the road, there is an open parking lot and a garage for cars.

From the cottage there is a beautiful panoramic view of Laila glacier. In the yard, you will find a bonfire space.

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გთხოვთ გაითვალისწინოთ რომ ფასი მოცემულია 2 ადამიანზე. 3-4 ადამიანის განთავსების შემთხვევაშ ფასი იქნება 216 ლარი. 


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Lasha Otarashvili
Lasha Otarashvili

Cozy, clean, and comfortable - with a stunning view. The host is caring and will go out of their way to help you. Hope to get back soon!


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