Black Boulders Lake is  located in Kakheti, on the border of Georgia - Russia. It’s also known as Long Lake. it is situated in the main watershed of Kavkasioni ridge, 2800 meters from the sea level. This is the reason, why one can visit them only in Summer and in the beginning of Autumn. Sometimes, getting there is very complex, even for very experienced hikers, as the path, where one can walk normally starts only in the 500 meters from the sea level (the Lagodekhi Protected Area Administration) and ascents till 3000 meters. The difference between the heights is 2500 meters. You can hardly ever find such a big difference between the heights in Georgia. Oh, there is one very interesting information, you can get there by horse. If you don’t have any, you are able to hire them in the Lagodekhi Protected area administration. Black Boulders Lake isn’t famous for only its difficult route, but also for its magnificent, various sightings. Here you will come across the most beautiful views all around, and will walk through all kinds of zones: broadleaved forests, subalpine zone, subnival zone, as well as the most strange plants, animals and birds. If you are lucky enough, you may come across the wild deer or roe-deer.

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