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Gomi Mountain


About Gomi Mountain

Best time to visit: Summer, September

Gomi Mountain is a mountainous summer resort in Guria, where sea and mountain weather merges together, and has natural curing effect. It is 2100-2755 meters from the sea level.

The resort is surrounded by spruce and silver-fir tree forests, is rich with mineral waters, mineral and spa climate and other natural resources. Tourist season lasts only three months of Summer, just like in Bakhmaro. Unfortunately, there is no infrastructure in the resort, there is no electricity supply and piped water. The inhabitants take water from the nearby mountain’s springs. So, this is the main reason, where there is no washrooms in the cottages of Gomi Mountain. In Gomi Mountain there are typical, popular wooden cottages everywhere, just like in Bakhmaro, which you can rent.

At this stage, there is no hotel in Gomi Mountain, on the resort there are no markets, pharmacy, parks for children, cafe, or other entertaining places. In case you decide to spend your holiday here, you should take everything with you, as this peaceful mountain is way too far from civilization. Here you can rest in the fresh airs and paradise like peace.

Gomi Mountain is also summer village, where most of all, get together locals from Adjara, with their cattle,for summer pasture, and produces milk food. Among them the most famous is Kaimaghi, which, if you ever taste, you will never forget. This is the cream “separated” from the milk and it is very soily, so you will hardly eat anything after this.

In august there is held the feast of “Gomismtoba”. People take part in sport competitions and most important, a short-course horse race.

There is one “tradition” on Gomi Mountain: adolescents get there, set a fire and sit around it, singing, playing and having a great time. In this way, they meet the sunrise, as well as the sun down.

Gomi Mountain is known as the kingdom of the clouds and the fog, which is caused by the humid climate. The tourists and holiday makers usually visit this mountain for this reason. They walk to the peak of the mountain, from where picturesque views are opened in front of their eyes, sometimes it is “the sun setting in the waves of the clouds”, sometime- “sun rising from the mist”. Such beauty can’t be expressed neither by camera, nor- by words. So, you should see that masterpiece of nature with your own eyes.

Near Gomi Mountain there is Chinchao Lake, which is at 2500 meters from the sea level. The distance from Gomi Mountain to Chinchao Lake is 11 km. There is a dirt road leading to the lake, but only 4X4 cars can walk there.

The winter in Gomi Mountain is rich with snow, very cold, as for summer, it is moderately warm.

The distance from tbilisi is 350 km, from the regional center Ozurgeti- 33 km.

The way of Gomi Mountain isn’t asphalted, but still, any kind of traffic can get there.

The transport from the capital of Georgia goes every day to Ozurgeti, buses, minibuses and train as well.

As usual, there is no public transport, which takes you exactly tothe Gomi Mountain from Ozurgeti, as there is no demand of it. At this point of view, you will have to catch a taxi or take “auto stop”.

41.824037, 42.159348
Distance from the Capital
348 km (216.24 mi)

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