There is a little, the oldest village of Heshkili in Samegrelo- Zemo Svaneti, located at 6 kilometers away from the region of Mestia, at 1900 meters from the sea level, on the way of the mountain ski resort of Hatsvali.  There are the ancient monuments and religious buildings in the village, but the main reason, why it is so popular, is the so-called “Heshkili Huts.” This is a very interesting place, which attracts the attention of people with a little, lovely family hotel, where you can find yourself in “the Hobbit’s world”. Maybe, J.J.R. Tolkien’s book inspired the owners to create such place.

Heshkili Huts, svanetiHere you can see small wooden homes, one of them is even on the tree, (yeah, I’m not kidding) - which is the most popular among the visitors, unbelievable views, the rainbow, magnificent nature of Svaneti, those giant mountains all over and peaceful, peaceful holiday waiting for you. All of this, are the reasons, why people from all over the world visits that almost forgotten village todays. Nowadays, there are only 6 huts, with seven rooms, about 23 people can stay here. The huts are surrounded by a fence, adorned with lovely garden, terrace and a bar. The accommodation features evening entertainment and a shared kitchen. From here, worldwide famous Elbrus is 28 km away.
“Heshkili Huts” this is a place, where you can get pleasure with happiness, caused by the isolation from the outside world, feel calm, the environment of Heshkili helps you and the other holiday-makers, to unload from the routine of this crazy modern-time. You can feel the tranquility of human- untouchable nature… Eternally snowy Ushba and Laila is in front of your eyes, the  coniferous forests, boundless fields, and of course, real, natural, ecological and healthy food- milk food, meat and groceries. So, don’t miss that chance and visit little wonderland in Georgia.

Heshkili Huts, Svaneti mestia

Quick review:

  •  Heshkili Huts is located in the mountains, 7 kilometers away from the hamlet Mestia.
  • It is 1900 meters from the sea level.The automobile road goes as far as the huts.
  • The cost of this pleasure (doesn’t include the food) is just 25-30 Lari, defends on which Hust you want to stay.
  • One meal included- 5 Lari- 15 Lari (you can taste most famous and delicious Svan cousins).
  • Nowadays, there are only three washrooms