Intsira Waterfall (Intsra)


About Intsira Waterfall (Intsra)

Best time to visit: Spring, Summer, Autumn

Intsra waterfall is located in Samegrelo, in the village of Chkvaleri, in the municipality of Tsalenjikha. The waterfall overflows in the river Intsra Canyon. Both, the waterfall and the canyon, are sloughed in the orchards of the moss and box trees, which makes the environment mystic. The automobile road from the village to the waterfall is just 1,6 km. then, little path leads you from the forest to the waterfall and to the cave. This path starts with the wood, then, after walking about hundred meters, in goes across the steep hillside, this is really complex part of the journey, but anyway, any adult can make it out. Near the waterfall is located the Intsra cave, which is also a very interesting place. From the cave is brought out the water spring, with a tube, that “keeps up” with the path all the way. So, it helps you to guide you into the wild nature.

42.733721, 42.099478
Distance from the Capital
370 km (229.91 mi)
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