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Lagodekhi is the administrative centre of the Municipality. It is located in Kakheti region, on the Alazani valley, on the foot of the south slope of Caucasus mountains of Kakheti, on the bank of the river Lagodekhistskali, at 435 MSL and 160 km far from Tbilisi.  The total area is 890.2 square kilometres. 

There is Lagodekhi national park and the eparchy residence of Nekresi 


  • Saint Tevdore church located in the village Leliani, w  hich was constructed XI-XII centuries. 20th of the XX century there was treasure find which was called after the village "Leliani Treasure.
  • Church Phoni;
  • Church of Areshpherani;
  • Church Khoshati;
  • Ninoskhevi waterfall (Gurgeriani waterfall);
  • Black rock lake;
  • Waterfall Rocho. 
41.823592, 46.271565
Distance from the Capital
160 km (99.42 mi)
Recommended duration
3 hours
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