Gurgeniani waterfall

Ninoskhevi (Gurgeniani) Waterfall


About Ninoskhevi (Gurgeniani) Waterfall

Best time to visit: Spring, Summer, Autumn

Gurgenia Waterfall is located in Kakheti, 5 km away from the Gurgeni village, in the coast of the Ninoskhevi river. The village Gurgenia itself is situated near Lagodekhi and one can get there by fixed-route taxi. The waterfall is 40 meters and offers you unbelievable views. If you are brave enough, you can even stand at the head of the waterfall and pleasure yourself with seeing, how the Ninoskhevi river  rushes from the 40 meters high rocks. But, I should also mention, that the road is not easy at all, especially for those, who aren’t experienced.

While walking, you will have to cross the river, because, in Summer, this for one look glimpse of an eye, little river, is swelling and “takes” everything within: bridges, rocks, stones, trash and everything….

Also, you will have to walk on the wet stones and boulders, so, it would be better for you, to use sport, flexible shoes.

There are many interesting plants in the gorge: Lagodekhi bile, Lagodekhi snowdrop, Iulia Primrose, bladder-nut, Phloem, chestnut, Georgian oak tree and so on. Also, if you are lucky enough, you will come across deer, roe- deer, or wild pig. Lagodekhi Protected Area is very rich at this point.

You should take into account, that there, where the path starts, the locals used to go there to feast something and have fun, they really love to stand tables in the river, and drink wine. Unfortunately, that boundless drinking is still a tradition here, it’s almost no chance, that this tradition may disappear. But the worst in this story is, that they hardly ever take trash with them, as usual, they just left them in the nature. That’s why, at the beginning of the gorge, you will come across many rubbish along the way, or even worse, leftovers. If you can, you should better take some elastic bags with you, and help nature. You will never make it as clean, as it was before the first people appeared here, but maybe some of the locals, with perspicacious mind see you, and take an example from you. Who knows?

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