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Ozugreti is situated is the western part of Georgia, in the gorge of Supsa and river Natanebi, 50 meters from the sea level. This is both, administrative and historical center of Guria. In the west it is surrounded by the Black Sea, from the south and north, little hills- Moidanaxe (translated like “come and see”) and Seri.

The weather is subtropical, with damp climate. The average year temperature is 13,3 °C.

In Ozurgeti there is a Historical Museum, Dramatic Theater, which is one of the most big after the Tbilisi Concert Hall- Filarmonia. Also, there are a special Puppet Theater, a Modern Fine Arts Gallery, library and TV-company “Guria”, which is proclaiming only in Guria.

On the territory of Ozurgeti there are many cultural monuments, like: Acha, Jumati, Shemokmedi and Likhauri churches. Also, Laituri, Dvabzu and Likhauri castles.

The city is famous of tea and citrus culture. Also, they extract Halliburton clay, which is used for creating different things.

In Ozurgeti people are highly keeping up with the sport, the city has rugby players club, called “Ozurgeti Eagles”, also, football players club- “Swallow”, basketball players club- “Bakhmaro”. In a nutshell, there are developed different varieties of sport.

The most famous and remarkable among historical monuments is “Ozurgeti Baths”, which were discovered at the beginning of the XX century.

In the center of the city, there is situated the garden of plane trees, which always has been the most popular place for Ozurgetian people to get together and have fun. There are held many cultural and educational arrangements.

90 % of the inhabitants here are Gurian, they are famous of high sense of humor, sharp-witted joking, making their visitors in the mood of fun all the time. Also, they are known as one of the greatest hosts ever, with delicious and generous meals.

Nowadays, here is operating several restaurants, where you can have a taste of Guria culinary, with its delicious dishes. In Gurian kitchen there is most popular “Gurian Pasty”. This is lunate Khachapuri, and at its heart there is before- hand boiled and half- cut eggs.

The distance from the center to Ozurgeti is 330. There are different types of transport: train, minibus, bus. The transport gets there every day, in different hours, from the central car parking. From Didube you can get in Ozurgeti in the morning passage, as well as by night train. The train both, has day and night service.

41.921702, 42.005795
Distance from the Capital
320 km (198.84 mi)
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