Tanie lake is located in Khevsureti, exactly- in Arkhota, in the gorge of Tanie Water. As for me, this lake is the second most beautiful lake, after Toba- lakes on Egrisi ridge. The lake is situated between two, huge mountains. It is shaped like a heart, and this attracts attention of the adults most of all. Here the main water of the gorge, Tanie Water neither flows down, nor flows out. The reason is that here, in this gorge, you will come across a very strange phenomenon of nature- the river Tanie Water has not only the source, but also the ending itself, which can be seen by everyone, by the way to Tanie. In a nutshell, the river Tanie Water disappears in several kilometers, after “being born”, and goes its way underground. You can’t see that river during several kilometers, Tanie Lake is created by this river too, but not from the overground, but from the underground tributaries. Tanie Lake is famous of crystal clear water, as the flowing spring is filtered by the ground and hardly ever stirs up.

ტანიეს ტბა

In summer, the water in Tanie Lake is warm enough to swim, compared to other mountain lakes, so you should take your swimsuit. The cauterized  and burn hikers by sunbeams love this lake, as swimming in this water is as pleasant, as cold beer in a hot day. Also, there is one big stone, from where you can jump and dive.


As I have mentioned the hikers, I’m going to tell you, how to get there. Unfortunately, or fortunately, reaching this lake is not easy. Unfortunately - because, the reader may get upset, or frustrated, when realises, that to see this beauty, one has to cross the main watershed of the Caucasus, which is about 6 times bigger, than Mtatsminda.

ტანიეს უღელტეხილი

And, as for “fortunately”- as this lake is too hard to reach, there are a very few visitors, you won’t meet “corks”, created by people, taking pictures, as it happens in Abudelauri Lakes. Also, you won’t be bothered by scattered bottles, or Snickers papers, which are usually interspersed in the mountains of Georgia. So, look at these photos, and if your heart is conquered by them, then you should not worry, just start training, stroll down the Mtatsminda twice a week, by foot, of course, then raise your speed of walking time after time, and the distance too, and in several months you will be able to get to this majestic place, in the world of masterpiece of nature, called Arkhoti, which really is the land of wild goats and eagles. And if you are an experienced hiker, and had already conquered many mountains, you may know as well the way how to reach that mountain, but I will tell you anyway: there are several routes to get to Tanie Lake. it is situated on a very popular hiking route, which crosses the whole Tanie gorge.

But, any route can be chosen by your free days. It’s impossible to get there and go back in a day, so if you are planning to stroll over Tanie Lake at noon, just forget about it. To see that lake, you need, at least, two full days. If you’re not sparing more than two days to see that masterpiece, then your route should start from the Ukankhadu village, which is near Atabe, and walks along the path through the Tanie mountain pass, where you will be by noon. To see that route and download GPS track, is possible here -> Atabe- from Tanie Lake hiking path. I recommend you to camp down near the mountain pass, on a watery, windless place, and go downhill in the morning. Also, I recommend you to get there without your bags, as the lake is  situated about 5 kilometers away from the mountain pass. So, you will have to get down on a very big downhill, which will turn into an uphill, on your way back home.

ტანიეს ტბა უღელტეხილიდან

So, this is the reason, why you should leave your bags on the camping place. After coming back, it will take about 2-3 hours of walking to reach the village of Ukankhaxdu, where the car will be waiting for you. I should also mention, that the path back to the village of Ukankhadu is really very hard. Even a very experienced hikers used to mention that moment badly, as the distance of the uphill is just 6 kilometers, but the difference between heights is 1200 meters. That means, that in a one kilometer you have to walk about 200 meters, and this is just like the hill of Mtatsminda, where the tram line walks. But, this route has an alternative too. You can get to Tanie mountain pass from the Datijvari Pass. The distance is longer from here, about 12 kilometers, but the difference between the heights is less, as you start walking at 2700 meters and after several small up and down hills you reach 3000 meters Arkhoti mountain pass. Also, this hiking path is better, as there are wonderful views, as it is walking across the ridge and travelers can see unimaginable panoramas from both sides.  დათვიჯვარი -

Datvijvari- Tanie hiking path can be seen on this route -> Juta -Arkhoti -Lake Tanie -Datijvari Pass.

If you are not experienced hikers, and can hardly walk, then with this route it may take you 3 days, as walking down  than up on the lake the next day is about 10 kilometers, and after this you have to walk more 12 km. which is not easy at all. So, you can spend your second day on the lake fully, and on the third day go back to Datijvari Pass

But, if you are too generous to spend 5 days on that majestic trip, then I must advise you to start it from Juta, walk through the prettiest passes you have ever seen, over Arkhoti, and walk down the gorge of river Chimgha Water, which will lead you till Akhiel. After this, you will visit village Amgha, and walk over the most beautiful and also the hard path of Tanie gorge, which will take you to Tanie Lake. from here, you can end your route at both, Datijvari Pass, as well as at Ukankhadu. As I have already mentioned, you can see that route and download GPS track in our already devised hiking path- Juta -Arkhoti -Lake Tanie -Datijvari Pass.

ტანიეს ტბა და ტანიეს ხეობა

But, before you start your journey to Tanie Lake, take into account, that this is not Lisi Lake, or Turtle Lake. walking there is not only hard, but also very dangerous. If you come across some problems here, you won’t be able to call a taxi, to bring you home. You should definitely consider, that during bad weather (in rain, fog, wind or snow) to cross 3000 meters pass is very, very hard. You must have GPS all the time, or at least, your mobile, where you will download GPS application, and your route too. It will help you to walk in the mist, as it is very hard to orientate in the  mist and fog. If you have never ever used a GPS before, you should read the article about GPS applications without a doubt.

I hope you won’t feel loathing and visit that majestic place and share your emotions with us.

ტანიეს ტბა ზედხედი

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