If you are in Tbilisi, and you are feeling lonely, sad, bored , or just tired and want to go somewhere, in  a peaceful place, than Turtle Lake is for you . this is a particular popular place in summer, because you can walk  and rest. Also , there is sports training not only for locals,but also, guests of Tbilisi. Turtle Lake is cozily situated on the left cliff of the Mount Mtatsminda, towering over the Ethnographic Museum and above Vake Park. Beautiful young couples, full with lust for life, runners ,tourists roam around this place, because it’s convenient for everyone .

lake Do you want to have fun with your friends ,to escape the heat of the city to picnic, or relax in the modern , pleasant cafes overlooking the lake, then , this place is for you . The lake is surrounded by a thick forest , so you may forget about being in the capital of Georgia . There was a time, when there were too many turtles here, in this lake, this is how the lake got its name . You can see turtles still,but not as much , as before.
There are nice beaches ,where you can get tanned ,cozy cafes, playgrounds for children , sports grounds and a jogging track around the lake. What else can tourist do here? Well , I’ve got more good news for you, because you can ride on a catamaran, swim , sunbathe, and nowadays, it’s become known for hiking. That’s great, right?  When it’s warm, especially at weekends, you can just come here not only by foot or by car , but also, with an aerial tramway leading from Tbilisi’s Vake Municipality (believe me or not, costs only 1 lari in each direction ) and enjoy.
This place is popular among the young ones, because here you can listen Georgian DGs’ performances in the open air, and have fun with them . even it’s always crowded, you still feel very calm, because nature is with you,pure  water is flapping , birds are singing and the sun is shining between the branches.

Other important things you should know about Turtle Lake :

1.It’s  10 km from Tbilisi center .

2.Elevation above Sea level is 687 m

3. Climate  : mild , continental , moderately dry, winter mild with few snowfalls , mean temperature in January 0.6 degrees centigrade.
Summer hot,dry, mean temperature in August 22,1 degrees centigrade.