62 Natural monuments in Georgia

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Lake Tabatskuri

Lake Tabatskuri is located in Samtskhe - Javakheti region, on the border of Borjomi and Akhalkalaki ...

Kakhisi Lake
Kakhisi Lake

Kakhisi lake is located near Borjomi town. You can get there by 4X4 car, or by walking. This place i...

Sairme Pillars
Sairme Pillars

The region of Lechkhumi is rich with remarkable natural and historical monuments. Among them is one ...

Mount Kazbek
Mount Kazbek

Mkinvarstveri is the peak, which attracts attention among every kind of persons. You don’t need to b...

tba orwyali ortskali lake
Lake Ortskali

Lake Ortskali is located in Tusheti protected areas at the elevation of the 2840 meters above sea le...

vanis kvabebi
Vani Caves

Vani (Vahani) caves complex is located in Samtskhe Javakheti, in Aspindza municipality at the right...

Vardzia, Samtskhe-Javakheti

Vardzia – Monastery complex, carved in a rock, XII-XIII Century Georgian picturesque monument. Locat...

Gveleti Waterfall - გველეთის ჩანჩქერი
Gveleti Waterfall

Gveleti waterfall, which can be translated as the Snake’s Waterfall, is one of the most splendid wat...

მწვანე ტბა, აჭარა - Green Lake, Adjara
Mtsvane Tba

Mtsvane Tba is located in Achara in Khulo municipality on the north side of the Arsiani mountain ran...