7 Eating places in Georgia

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Marani Sevsamora

Marani Sevsamora was founded in 2015. Shortly after wine cellar begins to offer touristic, educati...

Castle 2017
Chateau Mukhrani

Chateau Mukhrani is the first and the only true Georgian Royal Chateau, which unites four key comp...

Tedo's Marani

Tedo's Marani is a Georgian traditional wine cellar, our wine is organic and natural, Tedo's Maranis...

ბათუმის პიაცა, პიაცას მოედანი - Batumi piazza , piazza square
Batumi Piazza

Batumi Piazza - a square with cafes and restaurants in Batumi, Adjara. It is distinguished by its ar...

Askaneli Garden

One of the modern trends of tourism sounds like this - "back to nature". "Askaneli Garden" is the ...

სად მელის მარანი Sad Meli Winery
Sad Meli Winery

Our family winery ”Sad Meli" (meeting point) is located in the village of Sadmeli. The winery has a ...

Biblus Gallery, cafe, shop
Biblus Gallery
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There are lot of restaurants and cafes in Tbilisi that offer comfort and delicious food, but it’s co...