7 Architectural monument in Georgia

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თეთრი ხიდი, ქუთაისი - White Bridge, Kutaisi
White Bridge

White Bridge - is located in the central part of Kutaisi, in the old part of the city, on the river ...

გეგუთის სასახლე - Geguti Castle
Geguti Palace

Geguti Palace - The monument of the Georgian architecture of the Feudal Age is located in Tskaltubo...

კაკასხიდი - Kakaskhidi

In the south  of Village Kakaskhidi, on the left side of the river Khanistzkali,at the altitude...

ახალდაბის კოშკი - Akhaldaba tower
Tower in Akhaldaba

Akhaldaba Castle - Medieval round tower which is built of сobblestones. It is located in Daba Akhald...

ახალდაბის ბურჯი, ახალდაბა, ბორჯომი
Pier in Akhaldaba

Akhaldaba abutment - The bridge abutment of the X century. It is located in the municipality of Borj...

view over tbilisi from narikala

I was in the seventh grade, when me and my classmates played our first truant and visited Metekhi St...