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Gremi - the Georgian Orthodox Cathedral is located in Kakheti, in Kvareli municipality village, in the citadel of the east of Gremi, on a high hill. It was built by the King of Kakheti, Levan in 1565. The paintings were finished in 1577.

The history of Gremi, as a city, begins from XV century, when the first king of Kakheti George (1466-1476) turn it into the capital of Kakheti Kingdom. This status was maintained by Gremi for over two centuries. There were active bookish activities here and caravan roads as well. That is why it became the center of political, economic and cultural life of Kakheti.

The architectural complex of Gremi consists of various buildings.There are the Archangel domed church, a three-story palace-bell tower, agricultural buildings, a curtain wall and the secret exit to the river Intsobi. There are also baths, market and caravansary. The most visible part of Gremi is so called The Archangels' complex, which is on the end of the rocky ridge and consists of a high wall of domed church and palace-bell tower.
There are 2 056 exhibits in the museum. Some of the items found in Gremi are kept in the National Museum of Georgia. Museum-Reserve also represents a series of paintings- portraits of kings.

The complex of historic Gremi represents a museum-preserve since 1975. There is an ethnographic material in palace - bell tower and part of artefacts obtained by excavation: Bronze Age weapons, jewelry, small-sized animal sculptures, iron axes (XII-XIII centuries), ceramic samples,tile and brick, drinking water pipes(XV century), medieval weapons(cannons and bows and arrows XVI century).

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