rocho waterfall

Rocho Waterfall


About Rocho Waterfall

Best time to visit: Spring, Summer, Autumn

Rocho Waterfall is located in the Lagodekhi Protected Area, very near to Lagodekhi. You can get there both, by car or by fixed-route taxi.

The waterfall is situated 5 km away from the visitor center of the Lagodekhi Protected area. You will have to walk that place by foot. The path isn’t exhausting at all, as you will meet many interesting plants, as well as animals: hornbeam, ash trees, lime trees, maples, chestnut and so on…

Among animals one can come across the: deer, roe- deer, wild pig. Also, you will have to “cross” the river, walk on those wet stones, so, I advise you to wear waterproof, flexible sport shoes. At the end of the path, your attention will be attracted by the 6 meter, picturesque waterfall, which falls through the green rocks, and in the sunny weather one can see a colorful rainbow too.

Near here you can also visit Gurgenia Waterfall, but if you have more strength, and much time, you should see one of the most beautiful and hard routes on Lagodekhi, called - Black Boulders Lake.



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