The route starts from the resort Abastumani (1290 m above sea level) from the site of the highway where the river Kurtzkhana joins river Otskhe. We will turn to the right side, move on the bridge, bypass the turnpike and enter the river Kurtzkhana valley. In the valley, the river bed in some place coincides with the ground road, so we will have to cross the river. After passing 5.5 km from turnpike, we will turn left cross the river and we will find ourserves in the field where the forest hut is standing. You can camp here. The road leading to the mountain slopes in the south of the field is the road that we are heading to. On the way you will meet several crossroad. eventualy we will reach  alpine zone where we see the summer farms. Near the most left summer farm you will find water source. from the water point we will continiu to south and cross fields, grazes, the roads and get closer to the coniferous forest. We will enter the forest and descend to the south direction. Soon we will stand on the path that will bring us to the Golden Fortress (1740 m above sea level). The fortress can be reached from the north side. From the golden fortress to the north-west direction, the paths lead to the source of the water and then we will stand on the ground floor, which takes us to the village Gomaro (1560 m above sea level). From the village path goes to the west though the coniferous forest crosses the field and ascends the hill where we will see the  Zanavi Fortress(1545 m above sea level). It is impossible to climb to the castle, because the ladder of the ladder is broken. We will enter the village of Zanavi (1460 m above sea level) through the ground road in the south of the fortress. at the village exit we will continiue to the right and the ground road will brige us th the Chule Monastery (1436 m above sea level). 

To reach Adigeni, we have to go back from Chule to the first tributary in the half kilometer, where we can see the path to the right. We have to follow this path that will lead to the irrigation channel. Trail goes allong the irrgation channel. trail will take us to the field where we'll see the enclosed fields. We will take the route to the south bypass the enclosed fields and will finally land on the ground road, which will lead to the village of Adigeni (1260 m above sea level) and from there we will reach Adigeni (1150m above sea level). Here our route ends.