Village Zemo Omalo, Keselo Fortress, Ethnographic Museum, picturesque landscapes, diversity of bird species, finding and watching bezoar goats.

The trail starts from the Tusheti Protected Areas Visitor Centre and through the Village Zemo Omalo leads toward Keselo Fortress, where visitors can tour the fortress and the Ethnographic Museum. From Kue field (an area near Village Omalo surrounded by pine forsts) it is possible to watch bezoar goats and birds of prey. There is an Ethnographic Museum in Keselo Fortress (entrance is free, however there is a donation box) offering to visitors very interesting exhibits on Tusheti.

It is advisable to take the trail in the second half of the day, as there is greater possibility to see bezoar goats in the evening (05:00 pm – 07:00 pm). During the evening, bezoar goats come out in the open areas to feed, and one can easily spot them with binoculars. Besides bezoar goats, it is likely that you will come across rare birds of prey and the birds that feast on carrion. Potable water is available on top of Village Kvemo Omalo and in Village Zemo Omalo.