Along the Meghruki Valley  trail you will river Meghruki canyon, Colchic subtropical forest

This trail starts at Sakhvlari tourist shelter and goes through theMeghrukiRiver valley. The slopes of the canyon are covered by Colchic subtropical forest, the length is 5.5 km.The Meghruki valley micro-climate offers you the possibility to escape from hot summer days and shelter in the cool environment which awaits you during the trail.

Tentative schedule:

You will have to visit #1 or #2 tourist trails where you can sightsee on the trail in case of overnight in Sakhvlari.

For further details, please contact:

Visitors Service Specialist: Gaga Mumladze Tel: 577 64 04 80;

Visitors Service Specialist: Nino Avetisian Tel: 577 64 04 44;

Visitors Service Specialist: Giorgi Mukhuradze Tel: 577 10 18 94;