Car integrated with walking 

From the Panthisari valley, the road goes to the border and represents two different landscapes: on the right side of the road are the outlines of the Nagremrebi ridge covered with xerophytic vegetation, on the left side - at a distance of 50-70 meters from the road, at the bottom, Vashlovani nature reserve is visible. There are also places for viewing. From the viewing site, the road leads along a mountain range, passes the guarded station of Vashlovani and descends into a valley, the wooded slopes of which are full of beautiful beech, broad-rooted and Orioles. From here the road goes to the valley of Natsitskali, in the valley there is always water, although in some places it flows under the ground, in some places it comes to the surface and forms a favorite place for birds. Just at this point there is a boundary point, after passing through it, the road leads to the observation point "Usakhelo", which is full of feces. Gradually the road goes down to the Alazani floodplain. 

It is possible to spend the night here, in the lodging. On the second day the tour continues to the black mountain. It is necessary to reach the entrance of the National Park of Vashlovani. From there the road leads to the Imeda valley and approaches the habitat of the Colchis pheasant - to the forests of the black mountains. There are also places for a picnic, and if desired, along the hiking route it is possible to reach the monastery of the Black Mountain. 

The path passes along a small ridge, on the left side of which a broad-leaved forest is visible, on the right side, the Alazani field and the Migenchauri reservoir. The path ends at the site of the old monastery, where there were only ruins of the IV-V century church. In good weather, especially in winter, when there is less evaporation and the air is clear, it is possible to see the ridge of the Caucasus Mountains. 

For more detailed information about the Guarded Territories of Vashlovani and cottage reservations, please call - 577 10 18 49 or e-mail - (Nino Seturidze, Visitor Service Specialist).