The route starts from the village Vladimirovka. You can reach the bottom of mountain Didi Abuli by 4x4 SUV or higher ability truck. On the way you will go through a beautiful flowery field, which is exceptionally fascinating in the beginning of June. Millions of yellow field flowers will be loved by all visitors who will ever see this place.

If you manage to reach the bottom of the mountain Didi Abuli by car, there will be left only 2 hours walking distance till the top. Take into consideration that drinking water is very scarce in this places and try to get enough amount in advance.

Try to find the path from very beginning and follow it in order to have easier slope upgrade till the top. Take a deep breath and look around. Did you expect it? View from the top is special one. Picturesque landscapes of Abul-Samsari range, marvelous Tabatskuri lake and other smaller but delightful lakes will be spread out in front of you. Immortalize the moment in your mind and take some photos for your “grandchildren”.

You will see a lot of other beautiful places on your way down. Path is easier after the top. You have to go around small lakes and reach Levani lake, which is the biggest one from Abul-Samsari range lakes. A lot of sheep flocks will be spotted near the lake, as well as on the whole range. Be careful with shepherd dogs, which are not as much hospitable as Georgian people. In any case, having walking stick with you can make your hike safer.