The trail starts at the Datijvari pass and ends with the Pankisi Gorge. The route covers the ridge separating Ukana Pshavi and Migma Khevi, Borbalo pass, birth place of rivers Alazani and Iori and summer farms Tbatana.

Day 1 - The route starts from the Datijvari pass and goes toward east, along the ridge separating Migma Khevi and Ukana Pshhavi. The trail offers a beautiful panoramic views on the Caucasus, Pshavi and in good weather you can even see Chaukhi. At the end of the day, when you're reminded with fatigue (leave 17 km back) you will find a place which you can call a paradise. Where the ridge has saddle, on 2700 meters above the sea level, there is the small lake. Do not think it's just a beautiful but boggy lake. The lake is constantly updated with a small stream that you can use as drinking water. All this together creates wonderful environment for relaxation after exhausting day.

Day 2
- Morning is beautiful, especially when you come out of the tent with want to scream and jump with the excitement. It was better to wake up at this location then going to sleep. There is a lot of road ahead and you have to ascend the Borbalo pass. It is better to have sufficient amount of water as it would be difficult to find water source during day and a half. The trail is good and you will reach the pass in 1.5 hour. If you are fortunate to have a good weather, you will be able to see birth place of the River Alazani's. Have a break on pass and prepare yourself as the very dangerous part of th trail is ahead of you. If you do not trust yourself or afraid of heights it would be better to find alternative way. It would be better to overcome this part connected with rope with each other. Move on to the right and go to dangerous ridge and move along it. The distance is not long, but requires maximum concentration and mobilization. By the end of the day you will finish the dangerous part of the ridge. If you have already seen a place which can accommodate three tents feel free, dangerous part is over. You can camp here and relax.  If you have time and energy to move forward do it. There is larger meadow, with a small flower in September.

Day 3 - Your camp is located 3000 meters above the sea level and has a special view. In such moments you find why you love hiking so much. Train can be called everythin but not boring. You will enjoy views on birth place of the river Alazani and Iori and Speroza ridge. The path follows the ridge and offers beautiful views on both sides. It is easy to go in good weather, but it's better to get a smart phone with the appropriate app on the route and the appropriate GPS track to be more secured. On the third day, your goal is to reach Tbatana resort. The roadway is relatively easy. Just after couple of hours you will find the path which will make your journey much easier.  In comparison with the second day water harvesting is easier on the third day. Be careful there is the water source near the path. On this day you will meet local sheep farmers. Be careful herds are guarded by the dogs and if the dog approaches you, do not move call shepherd for help. He will take care of the dogs. When you will reach Tbatana you can relax and feel free. You have finished the trail. During the fourth day you will be descending on ground vehicle road.

Day 4 -
This day is the easiest. We are descending to Pankisi gorge with the ground vehicle road. The distance is 10-12 km. At the end of August and early September you will find blackberry on the road. The first village is Burikiani. The main thing here is to get to village Matani or Akhmeta where the movement is more intensive.