Off- road - integrated with walking

The route starts from Dedoplistskaro and is directed southeast to the protected station of Vashlovani. Before the visitors unexpectedly reveals the full wilderness of the Vashlovani basin, which differs from the monotonous Shirak valley, which is decorated with relict plants and trees - pistachio trees and evergreen junipers. At the same place, on the arranged places for picnics it is possible to have a bite and enjoy the local species. 

From the protected area the route passes to the Pantishara valley. The road to the valley represents two different landscapes: on the right side of the road there are outlines of the Nagomrebi ridge covered with xerophytic vegetation, on the left side - at a distance of 50-70 meters from the road, at the bottom, Vashlovani nature reserve is visible. The road gradually leads down the crest and descends into the narrow valley of the Pantisar, on which a lot of swallow nests are built and therefore this place is called "Mertsklebis Kalaki" (City of swallows). 

To the south the valley gradually expands and the extensive panorama of "Alesilebi" opens, this place provides a good opportunity to observe predatory birds. From here the route returns to the valley and its tributaries lead to "Bear Gorge". At the starting point of "Bear Gorge" picnic places and a parking lot are arranged, just from here begins a hike, deep entering the ravine and on its slope there are exposed sea molluscs, which proves once the existence of the sea. The main attraction of the route is the petrified bones of the southern elephant, the largest of which reaches 87 cm and is well represented by the giant mammal dimensions that lived a million years ago. Here it is possible to see traces of a bear, a wolf, a wild boar and a lynx. 

For more detailed information about the Guarded Territories of Vashlovani and cottage reservations, please call - 577 10 18 49 or e-mail - (Nino Seturidze, Visitor Service Specialist).