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Best time to visit: Summer, Autumn

Torghva Bath Resort is located in Kakheti, Telavi Municipality, on the western slope of Bulanchostsveri Mountain, at 1750 meters above sea level. This place is characterized by a moderately humid climate, with cold winters and long, cool summers. The main healing factors of the resort are passive climatotherapy and thermal hydrogen sulfide, hydrocarbon-chloride sodium mineral water, which is used for baths. The water temperature is 36.5 ° C. Coniferous forests, beautiful views and hot baths create the best environment for unwinding. There is a bath building and a medical point in Torghva Bath. Torghva Bath is a perfect place for those who want to relax and unwind in peace. If you want to visit the resort, the recommended time is from June to September.

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David David
David David

Здраствуйте хотелось бы позвонить в место где находится Бани Торгвас
по какому номеру можно

Mariam Pirashvili
Mariam Pirashvili

Здравствуйте, к сожалению у нас нет номера бань.


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