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About Trialeti Church

Best time to visit: All Season

Trialeti Church is located in Trialeti, Tsalka Municipality, Kvemo Kartli Region. It is a German church dating back to 1906. The building is in the Gothic style and is built of well-hewn squares of gray basalt of the local type. In the interior, the structure is made of rough-hewn flat stone because it was intended for plastering. The large building extending from south to north has a gate with a three-storey square bell tower in the style of a gazebo. The facades of the church are lined with pilasters, between which arched windows are cut. Placed in a thin bay window of the southern facade, the tympanum of the arched entrance is decorated with colored stained-glass windows, and the arch is decorated with double ornaments and a relief image of a cross. There is a five-step stone staircase in front of the entrance. The third floor of the gate, which is a bell tower, is decorated with arched windows doubled on three sides and rounded openings built in between them. On the side of the northern facade, in a protruding triangular apse, there are three arched windows and an entrance. The facades are crowned with profiled cornices.

Tags: #History #Church #Culture #Monastery #Historical Monument

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