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Abanotubani, Baths District is one of the oldest districts of Tbilisi, the capital of Georgia, the river. On the right bank of the Mtkvari. The name is related to the baths built on the naturally hot mineral waters known since ancient times on the territory of old Tbilisi.


Legend of the discovery of the hot waters and Tbilisi city building is attributed to the King of Kartli Vakhtang Gorgasali which was rulling in V centuri A.D. Arab geographer Ibn Hawqal, in his book The Roads and Kingdoms, states: “There are baths in the city [of Tbilisi] that are similar to the baths of Tiberias, the water of which boils without fire.” According to historical records, in the 13th century. There were 65 mineral water baths in Tbilisi. We are informed about the baths of Tbilisi in the XIII-XIV centuries from Venetian traveler Marco Polo, XVIII c. Russian merchant Vasil Gagara, as well as Vakhushti Bagrationi, who has six baths in Tbilisi.

In XVII-XIX centuries there were Erekle, Bebuta, Melik, Meitri (Sumbatov), ​​Gogilo, Orbeliani, Tbileli, Mirzoev, Khoja, Grili (Shioev), Chreli and other baths in Tbilisi. Most of the baths that have survived to the present day were designed under the influence of Iranian architecture in the 17th and 18th centuries and are housed in the Seydabad, at the beginning of the ascent of the Botanical Garden. That is why this place was called Abanotubani.

These baths in old Tbilisi did not have only a healing purpose; but as well citizens often came here all day, swam, rested and were even having feasts. Here the future mothers-in-law were checking the beauty of the bride.

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