კვარიათი, შავი ზღვა, აჭარა - Kvariati, Black Sea, Adjara


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Adjara is stretched in the southwestern part of Georgia, on the Black Sea coast. In the south it is bordered by Turkey. Adjara is one of the ancient corners of Georgia, which in the historical annals of different times is mentioned under the label of “Adjara Country”. The nature of Adjara is amazingly multifaceted: coastline Kobuleti is rich with parks, preserved territories. Keda is rich with therapeutic waters, tobacco of Keda is also well-known and won high praise from Cuban experts. Shuakhvi Villages Alpine Zones create wonderful opportunities for the development of the mountain skiing sport and tourism… The region is rich with historical and cultural sights as well: ruins of antique time fortresses, ancient churches, monasteries and houses of different religious prayers. Here you can see legendary Queen Tamar’s age arched bridges survive to the present. Various resting and recreational opportunities make Adjara the most important resort of the area.

Let’s begin with Batumi, the second biggest city of Georgia, so-called “Las Vegas of the Black Sea”. why is Batumi known like that? Because you will come across casinos, gambling houses in every step you walk away. This is one of the main reasons, why rich men from Turkey visit Batumi, as in their own country gambling is forbidden. Batumi is the capital of Adjara. It was built on the coast of a well-guarded natural harbor- seaside of Batumi gulf. This is the city of ancient history: in antique times Batumi, as a harbor city, had an important transit function and close trade relationships with neighbour and far-away countries. As it was a port city, it was highly demanded among the Greeks, Ottomans or Russians. Nowadays, here you can visit garden, which bears the name of “May 6 Park”. It was created in 1881 called in honour of Russian Emperor “Alexander’s Park”. Later, here they installed attractions and swings within the Dolphinarium, which was built in 1975 and was the first in the former Soviet Union. 

Its area is 165,000 sq.m, while Dolphinarium is a division of Scientific Research Center of Flora and Fauna of the Black Sea. why I love this place? Because, Batumi Dolphinarium provides a show for up to 7,000 spectators and offers those, who desire, to try and touch their hands as dolphin trainers. And it’s not everything, here you can even swim with dolphins, if you dare! This pleasure costs 60 GEL for 3-12 years children, 100 GEL for 12-18, as for adults-150 GEL. Free bar is included. The show itself costs only 12 GEL at daytime and 16 GEL- at night. This show  is performed in three languages : Georgian, English and Russian. Per day there are 3 shows, 14:00, 17:00 and 21:00. So you will have an unforgettable experience here.

Batumi is considered to be a maritime gate of Georgia. First of all, the climate is humid subtropical. It is the warmest place in Georgia, especially, the summer is relatively cool (+24 ºC). That increases the city’s importance as a resort area. European style of buildings is typical for Batumi characterized by convergence of modern and XIX century architecture. 

Batumi is full of historical and architectural attractions, like: cathedral of the Virgin Mary; Batumi Boulevard; building of Shota Rustaveli University, hotel Intourist Palace (a speceman of Stalin architecture), Batumi Ilia Chavchavadze State Theater, Lake Nurigeli, a mosque Orta Jame and so on. So Batumi is not the only summer resting place, where you can enjoy cold water in the high-sun and have fun in bars, but also you can discover historical and intellectual sightings. Batumi is the loveliest place for those, who love cycling, even if you don’t have any. As the great way to do your Batumi sightseeing is on a bike, there are public bikes for rent across the city. So, all you have to do is download the app, register and for a small fee, you can unlock your bike for the day. What else do you want?

But it’s not everything. To the north of the city, on the Black sea coast is situated Batumi Botanical Garden, or Green Cape. It extends over 111 hectares and is one of the most fascinating places one can see.  Famous decorator and chief gardener of Batumi, D’Alphonse imported a big number of plant cultures. Later, in 1912 there were developed Japanese, Chinese, Mexican, Australian, Chilean, New Zealand, American and European divisions. 

The Batumi Botanical Garden is a member of the International Union for Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources (IUCN). There are 3 exotic plant plots, a sanctuary of Kolkheti forest and 9 florist divisions created on the principle of Geography of landscape. Botanical Garden is one of the outstanding in the world by its space, species diversity and  age.

Resort of Kobuleti

Kobuleti is the town, which, in holiday season has numerous visitors. This is the lovely town, with cute houses and cosy streets. The resort is known for its comfortable climate and developed tourist infrastructure. Kobuleti ‘s pretty-fraction sea beach stretches on 10 km of the sea coastline. Between the sea and settled area there is a 3-4 meter high strip of coastal dunes, where impressive pine groves are cultivated. This is the perfect place for having fun  with friends in the fresh air, under the trees. The pine grove creates a special microclimate, which is the unmatched medicinal cure for cardiovascular system and lung diseases. All of these are the reasons, why the resort hosts about 100,000 tourists in one season.

The longest, 12 km strong, fine stone beach line, lavish sun beams, sea water, pine groves and humid subtropical climate create wonderful conditions for making holidays and improving health. The sea water is especially good for the skin. There is also a spring of chloride-sodium mineral water on the territory of the town, whose curing properties were actively used in the Soviet Union period. Near Kobuleti are situated Kolkheti humid protected territories, kintrishi sanctuary and Mtirala national park. All those are in the list of preserved territories. There are excellent places for rafting, ethnological, ecological and bird watching tours.


12 km away from Kobuleti and 15 km away from downtown Batumi is situated seaside climatic resort of Chakvi. It has a private and secluded nature : landscape is mostly mountainous, climate- humid and subtropical. Chakvi is great for diseases for treatment, like nervous and cardiovascular system, respiratory tract non-TB disease and blood deficiency. Hotels and dacha cottages here are located on a calm coastline guff, near the beach, which is divided from the settlement only by a narrow strip of fruit and citrus tree grove and a rail track. In Soviet Union several rest-houses were operated in Chakvi. Nowadays, Chakvi is famous for Hotel Dreamland Oasis, where you can spend amazing time.

There was the scientific and Research Institute of Tea and Subtropical Cultures located. Intensive research was conducted for selection of ‘Georgian varieties of tea. Today, more than twenty famous Georgian Tea was nurtured by scientists working in this Institute. Tea culture first appeared in Georgia presumably in the second half of XVIII century, when the Russian Empress, Catherine II, sent to the king of Kartli, Erekle II, Chinese tea set and tea bush leaves as a gift. There is another story, really funny about how tea culture was distributed in Georgia. At the end of the XIX century, Mikhail Eristavi, noble from Guria travelled in China, where he tasted tea brewing and liked it so much, that decided to cultivate it in Georgia. But, in fact, it was strictly banned to take seeds or saplings out of China. So, Mikhail put seeds on the tip of a walking stick and cross the border with tea seeds this way. So, later, thanks to this fact, tea harvest became a leading agricultural activity in Western Georgian regions of Samegrelo, Guria, Adjara and Imereti.


Distance from the Capital
376 km (233.64 mi)

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