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About Kintrishi Nature Reserve

Best time to visit: All Season
Kintrishi National Park is located in a beautiful resort of Georgia – Kobuleti. It has high-class visitor center where tourists are able to get information about protected areas of Georgia. Kintrishi Protected Areas is located 24 km far from Visitors’ Centre, 300-2500 meters above the sea level.

Visitors have an opportunity to enjoy 2 trails of Tamari Arch Bridge 1-dayy pedestrian route), Utkhovari and Lake Tbikeli routes (2 days pedestrian and horse riding tours). There are arranged camping and picnic areas, as well as fire places, are arranged around the route.

Visitors have a chance to see Tamari Arch Bridge and ruins of Khinotsminda Church dated with the 12th century, Saint George Monastery, wine-jars, waterfalls, Utkhovari and Lake Tbikeli.

Kintrishi Protected Areas is the favourite destination for scientists as well since there are rare species of flora. 

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