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Georgia is a country of unforgettable memories. Endowed with a fascinating nature, plenty of wildlife, sunny beaches, high mountains, caves, canyons and culture, this small country has it all. It matches every interest, taste, budget and age. Even the most jaded traveler would have trouble resisting countries beauty. As the Country differs from all other destinations, it delivers some unique experiences almost impossible to find somewhere else. Georgia is an adventure-seeker delight. There are plenty of reasons why this little Caucasus country does worth a visit.

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The one of the most important of great vacations is safety. During your visit to Georgia you can stay calm, and enjoy your vacation. According to the Numbeo 2016 report Georgia was named the safest country in Europe, and worldwide is ranked to be 6th country. Georgia is remarkable with its hospitality vibes, which of course affects the safety issues in the very positive way. While travelling to any region of Georgia, you will meet the most benevolent people, who are ready to help and make your travel more diverse. They will take care of your health any time you need, as in every region you will find hospitals and medical care points. If you love hiking in the wild nature, or if you like extreme, you can relax and feel safe, as the rescue services work very organized and are ready to help 24/7, in any natural or weather conditions, wherever you are. For your peaceful stay is caring the Georgian police as well. And according to the latest research, Georgian Police is the most trusted institute in the country. Georgia has quite a big experience in the tourism industry, so you can easily find a professional and competent guide and trust them to make your visit comfortable, safe and full of excellent memories. If you decide to visit Georgia, just relax and enjoy the culture and amazing nature around you.

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One of the most enjoyable parts of getting to know the character and culture of the country is tasting local cuisine. Georgian cuisine is distinguished by its diversity and leaves no one indifferent. Every region here has a characteristic and unique culinary tradition. In the extensive menu of Georgian traditional dishes, people of all tastes can find something that will eventually become their favorite dish. If you are looking for new flavors, welcome to the gourmet paradise. Delicious, natural dairy products, spicy blended meats or the lightness of fresh vegetables will delight you in the overwhelming waves of pleasure. Particularly popular are: Khinkali, grilled Mtsvadi, Khachapuri, Kubdari, Ajarian khachapuri, Elarji and more. In Georgia, livestock has been developed since ancient times, that is why dairy products are important and used in various types of dishes. Guda cheese and Sulguni are notable. In Georgia people love meat and you can taste it mixed with a variety of sauces and spices, soup, roasted, prepared with vegetables or baked in dough. Along with dairy products and meat, plant foods are also widespread, especially the variety of Phkali. So vegetarians here will also feel comfortable. Here is a small list of traditional Georgian dishes: grilled Mtsvadi, Khinkali, Khachapuri, Dambalkhacho (mouldy cottage cheese), Satsivi, Elarji, Chaqapuli, Ajarian khachapuri, Kubdari, Rachian (Rachuli) lobiani, Chikhirtma, Kotori, Choban Kaurma, roasted chicken in Isrimakvali, beans in clay pot, Khashlama, Tenili Cheese, Borano, Shkmeruli and others.

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Georgia is a small country with a great and ancient history. For centuries it has been a walk of life of struggle of the great empires because of its strategic location. However, it still managed to survive and maintain statehood. Humans settled here 1 800,000 years ago and the first European was a Homo Georgicus - a Georgian man. Starting with the Homo Georgicus living in the cave, the processes of evolution and cultural development were continuously going on here. In the II millennium B.C, the first Georgian states the Diauehi and Kolkha were formed. They were overthrown by nomadic tribes invading the north. In the VI-IV centuries B.C the kingdoms of Colchis and Iberia were formed. The power of Colchis was also reflected in ancient Greek myth, where the Argonauts traveled to find the Golden Fleece. The creation of Georgian alphabet is associated with the king of Iberia Pharnavaz. The IV century turned out a turning point for Georgia. In 326 St. Nino Cappadocia introduced a new religion- Christianity in the country. The proclamation of Christianity as the state religion significantly determined the future development of the country. In the Middle Ages, the royal principalities were formed in Georgia, after which the struggle for unification began. The country was united by the greatest Georgian king in the XII century - David the Builder. He managed to make the region of Georgia the strongest state...

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Religion plays a big role in Georgian history and maintaining the state. 84% of Georgian population are Orthodox Christians, however the representatives of other religions are living very peacefully along with Orthodox Christians. Georgia became Christian in the IV century and it played a huge role in Georgian culture. In the medieval century architecture, literature or even carpentry religion theme was having a huge advantage. In any part of Georgia, you can find a unique church or cathedral, which makes a great impression on the guests, and creates a characteristic mark in Georgian cultural heritage. Despite the huge influence of Christianity Georgia stands out with its religious and ethnic tolerance. There is no such term in Georgia as the State Religion, the religion and faith freedom are protected by constitution. According to the constitution 9th article: “The government announces the freedom of faith and religion”. In Georgia during centuries the people of different nations and beliefs were living in peace, they were respecting each other. Here you can see Christian churches, synagogues or even mosques. Tolerance and respect of personal freedom are one of the main aspects, which makes our country more interesting and attractive.

ჯვარი, ჯვრის მონასტერი, მცხეთა - Jvari Monastery, Mtskheta