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Zendidi Fortress is located in Adjara, in the village of Zendidi, Keda Municipality. The exact date of its construction is unknown, though it must have belonged to the late Middle Ages. The fortress overlooks the region center of Keda to the north, and it is built on a hard-to-reach mountain bordered on the north by ridge lined with Kalaskuri forest. The place where the fortress is erected, the locals call “Konakh”. Zendidi Fortress is currently located in the yard of the Bezhanidze family, which is completely surrounded by the old fortress fence. In addition to protecting the ridge, along with Tsivasula, Saghoreti, Mtisubani, Chkhutuneti and other fortresses, the fortress was also responsible for controlling the central strategic trade routes leading to the gorge. The fortress covers a huge area, its total area is 6000 m². It is built on a high, rocky massif, the plan is applicable with relief and is elongated on the east-west line. Boundary walls, towers, gates and various buildings are preserved on the territory of Zendidi Fortress. Fragments of rectangular buildings are preserved in the western part. Remains of the tower, water reservoir and other buildings are also observed here. The fortress is built of flat stone, on a lime mortar.

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