keda, adjara - ქედა, აჭარა keda, adjara - ქედა, აჭარა keda, adjara - ქედა, აჭარა

About Keda

Keda is a municipality located in Adjara. Traces of human life in the area date back to ancient times, as evidenced by the settlements and cemeteries of the Bronze Age and ancient period found here. The settlement developed on the territory of the Keda was also in the Middle Ages, as evidenced by the many castles or beautiful arched bridges. According to Vakhushti Batonishvili, there was a city-type settlement in Daba Keda, where merchants lived. Nowadays, there are administrative, educational and healthcare facilities, small enterprises and a museum on the territory of municipality. Keda is distinguished by unique varieties of grapes, the wines produced in the district "Keda Tsolikouri" and "Chkhaveri" are very popular. Agriculture is developed in the municipality, leading fields are: fruit growing, viticulture, horticulture, vegetable growing, beekeeping. Trout farming is also developed in the region. Keda is rich in a variety of natural minerals such as copper and gold deposits and healing mineral waters. The region has great tourist potential, which is due to the beautiful nature and abundance of cultural monuments. The green valleys, waterfalls and castle towers attract a lot of visitors and leave no one indifferent.


Keda municipality is located in Adjara, in the middle of the Adjaristskali river. It’s administrative center is Daba Keda. Kobuleti borders the municipality to the north, Shuakhevi to the east, Khelvachauri to the west, and Turkey to the south. Keda includes 10 administrative units: Daba Keda, Dandalo, Zvare, Makhuntseti, Dologani, Merisi, October, May 1, Tskhmorisi and Tsoniarisi. Shavsheti ridge follows Keda municipality to the south, Meskheti ridge to the northeast, and Kobuleti ridge to the north and northwest. The main river of the region is Adjaristskali. The highest peak of the municipality is Ghoma, with a height of 2441 meters. The region is rich in diversity of flora and fauna. According to the forest, Keda region is one of the first in Georgia. Plants included in the Red Book and on the verge of extinction are still found on the territory of the municipality. In the forests here you will find: yew, Buxus colchica, walnut, medlar, apple, common laurel, nut, blueberry and others. The area is inhabited by deer, roe, wild wild boar, brown bear, wolf, fox, etc. Keda is also rich in natural minerals (copper and gold deposits, mineral waters).

In the low zone of Keda municipality, along the Adjaristskali gorge, there is a subtropical climate similar to the Mediterranean type. As the altitude increases, the climate becomes moderately humid, and relatively cold, humid climates are common in the upper zone. The average annual temperature in the region is 12.80 ° C, the average temperature in January is 3.40 ° C, and in July - 21.20. C.

What to see

Keda Municipality is rich in beautiful nature and abundance of cultural monuments. Wild nature, the valleys hidden in the green and waterfalls attract many travelers. You will find many places here, both for hiking and for small outings. Makhuntseti and Goderdzi waterfalls are especially popular, which undoubtedly offer an impressive sight to the visitor. Apart from the beauty of nature, Keda is also distinguished by its cultural and historical monuments. Here you will find ancient castles and medieval arched bridges, which are still used by the locals. Tsivasula Fortress, Zendidi Fortress, Dandalo Bridge, Saghoreti Fortress, Makhuntseti Bridge and others. The forts on the top of the mountain with amazing views make a great impression on the visitor. If you are visiting Keda Municipality, you should definitely visit Keda Historical Museum, where a variety of archeological materials found in the area is preserved. The exhibits in the museum cover different periods, from ancient times to the present day. Here you will find labor tools, numismatic samples, geological collection, applied art products, ethnographic materials of Adjara and many other interesting samples.


  • Makhuntseti Waterfall
  • Goderdzi Waterfall

Cultural Monuments

  • Tsivasula Fortress
  • Zendidi Fortress
  • Makhuntseti Bridge
  • Mitsa Bridge
  • Saghoreti Bridge

Tours In Adjara


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