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Kaviani Fortress is located in Adjara, in the village of Khichauri, Keda Municipality, on Kaviani hill chain, on the left side of the confluence of the river Chvanistskali and Adjaristskali. The fortress consists of two sections. The first section was supposed to be three-storied and was a storehouse for various purposes, as evidenced by the niches that have come down to us. There are two windows in the wall of the building. In this tower of the fortress, a rectangular, limestone pit is preserved. In the second section, there is a well-preserved irregular rectangular tower, which also consisted of three floors. Windows can also be found in this tower. The western wall of the prison yard is relatively well maintained. The length of the wall is 7.1 meters and the height is 5 meters. The castle is built of flat stones, cobblestones are also used in the pile.

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