Admiral Rafting Group

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About Admiral Rafting Group

Admiral Rafting Group was founded in 2018 and specializes in rafting tours and private / corporate events at Rafting Camp.

We organize rafting tours on the river Aragvi, in Pasanauri, where we have a rafting camp, with a comfortable environment, pleasant music and delicious food.

Our main mission is to create a safe and friendly environment for the guest. Our team of instructors have taken relevant qualification courses and are certified leaders, which means you can trust them with confidence.

During the tour you will be equipped with all the necessary equipment - helmet, life jacket, oar. Also, all boats are accompanied by a professional rafting instructor who will give you training for 15-20 minutes before entering the water.

As mentioned above, the company has a camping site surrounded by beautiful nature. You can visit the camp not only for rafting, but also for a pleasant time. The camp has a relaxing environment from the routine, which will help you to enjoy the visit as much as possible.

As for the rafting age: children can raft from the age of 5, accompanied by parents.

Our instructors speak the following languages:

  • Georgian
  • English
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შესანიშნავი ტური გამოვიდა. გიდმა აშკარად იცოდა რასაც აკეთებდა :) დაჯავშნის შემდეგ გირჩევთ დარეკოთ და გადაამოწმოთ, შევიდა თუ არა ჯავშანი თვითონ ადმირალ რაფტინგის სისტემაში.


ველოდი უფრო მეტ ადრენალინს


The best time rafting ever!
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