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Baiebi is a rock-cut complex located in the Samtskhe-Javakheti region, Akhaltsikhe Municipality, near the village of Ttskordza. The complex dates back to the XII-XIII centuries and consists of a fence, two single-nave churches standing next to each other, a cave shrine and a tunnel. Rock carving has been common in Georgia since ancient times. Baiebi is much smaller in size than large-scale complexes such as Uplistsikhe and Vardzia, although it is a very interesting monument. One church is lower, the other is higher and extensive. Only the south walls of the churches are visible from the outside. The small church is built entirely of cut stone. In the large church, there are only the south and north stone walls and the chamber, a large part of the west wall and the altar are carved out of the rock. The temples have a well-carved cornice on the outside. There are two-story dwellings under the churches, and from the large chapel, rock-cut hole and hideouts begin. The entrance door to the fence is made of one large smoothed boulder, with an observation hole cut in the middle of the door. Traces of paint can be seen in the large church. Meskhetians have been oppressed for centuries by Turkey, so such strongholds with secret hiding places and exits are especially natural and characteristic in this region.

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