Boat ride on Paliastom Lake

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კოლხეთის ეროვნული პარკი / Kolkheti National Park პალისტომის ტბა, გურია, სამეგრელო - Lake Palistom, Guria, Samegrelo Озеро Палистоми paliastomi paliastomi paliastomi paliastomi paliastomi paliastomi paliastomi paliastomi paliastomi paliastomi paliastomi paliastomi paliastomi

პალიასტომის ტბაზე ნავით გასეირნების შესახებ

Best time to visit: Spring, Summer, Autumn

If you are going to go to Samegrelo or Adjara, you should definitely take a boat ride on Lake Paliastomi, which is part of the Kolkheti National Park.

Here you will discover truly amazing nature and stunning locations. While boating on Lake Paliastomi, one can even imagine the Amazon jungle.

Lake Paliastomi is one of the unique places with its flora and fauna. On our tour, you can observe the many migratory birds and birds living on the lake, go fishing or just enjoy a boat trip.

Boating on Lake Paliastomi is available every day. The route starts in the city of Poti and is 20 kilometers long. During the walk, you can stop at specially designated places and have a small picnic.

Do not miss this beautiful sight, come to Poti and ride with us!


спортивные красивые катера

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Duration: 3 hours
Difficulty: Easy
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5 Reviews

This was such a fantastic experience and I can’t recommend it highly enough. A must see!

აუცილებლად სანახვი ადგილია. ტურის განმავლობაში ნახავთ პალიასტომის ტბის საუცარ ბუნებას.

საუცხოო გიდი(ყველა სურვილს რომ დაჰყვება), ულამაზესი ბუნება 💥👌

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