Verdzistava Waterfall

Verdzistava Waterfall

About Verdzistava Waterfall

Best time to visit: All Season

The Verdzistava waterfall is located in Lechkhumi, near the village of Tvishi. It originates on Mount Khvamli. According to legend, once a ram's head was thrown into karst well located on Mount Khvamli, that is why the Verdzistava (the head of a ram) waterfall flows for half a year to the side of Tvishi (the gorge of the Rioni river) and for half a year - to the side of the Okureshi village (the gorge of the Tskhenistskali river). The waterfall, hidden in the trees, falling from an almost vertical cliff, is a stunning sight, both in summer greenery and in the picturesque autumn. About 150 meters from Verdzistava, you can also visit the beautiful Nikordziri waterfall. The Verdzistava and Nikordziri waterfalls are among the most beautiful sights in Lechkhumi and attract many lovers of nature and wandering.

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