City Mall Saburtalo, Shopping Center City Mall Saburtalo, Shopping Center

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City Mall is one of the most diverse shopping malls in Tbilisi. There are many different types of shops here. City Mall includes two shopping malls - City Mall Saburtalo and Gldani Mall. City Mall is located in Saburtalo Saburtalo, at 1 Petre Kavtaradze Street. There are shops selling clothes, jewelry, electrical appliances, household items, toys, books and more, as well as a bank and a pharmacy. The leading object of the shopping center is the hypermarket Goodwill. City Mall also has a gaming computer and a variety of computer game store GAME ZONE. The mall has a fast food restaurant, KFC, Avenue Cafe and Sushi Room, where you can taste delicious dishes. City Mall has stores such as Calzedonia, OVS, Intimissimi, Elit Electronics, Super, Lutecia, Voulez Vous, Factory, Delfos and many more. The mall has an outdoor parking lot for 300 cars, which is really convenient for customers. City Mall is visited by a lot of people every day. Here in one space you can buy food, gifts for your little ones, items needed for your family, update your wardrobe or just go to taste delicious sushi or other delicious dishes with friends.

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Mary _:D
Mary _:D

what time time mall is closing?

Mariam Pirashvili
Mariam Pirashvili

Hello, the mall closes at 22:00


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