Amarati Tourist Shelter

Tourist Shelter

About Amarati Tourist Shelter

Best time to visit: Spring, Summer, Autumn


41.810427, 43.118568
Distance from the Capital
185 km (114.95 mi)
Walking distance
34 km (21.13 mi) one way
Recommended duration
2 days
Popular Nearby

Popular Nearby

ჩითახევის მცველთა თავშესაფარი მდებარეობს ბორჯომ-ხარაგაულის ეროვნული პარკის ტერიტორიაზე. თავშესაფარს აქვს 4 ოთახი,  აღჭურვილია ერთი ბუხრითა და ერთ...

Kakhisi lake is located near Borjomi town. You can get there by 4X4 car, or by walking. This place is not famous, so if you want to find a quiet place...

ვიზიტორთა მომსახურების სპეციალისტი ბორჯომში: გაგა მუმლაძე ტელ: 577 64 04 80ელ.ფოსტა: gaga_mumladze@yahoo.comვიზიტორთა მომსახურების სპეციალისტი ბორჯომშ...

BORJOMI-KHARAGAULI NATIONAL PARK is the first protected area in the Caucasus of its status. It was set up in the XXth century. It’s located in central...

Where is Bakuriani Ski Resort?Bakuriani Ski Resort is located on the northern slope of the Trialeti Range, in the Borjomi Municipality, at the elevati...

It is situated  on the River Tzablaraskhevi at the altitude 800m. It’s 245 km from Tbilisi, 23 km from Baghdati and 50 km from Kutaisi.In the fo...

It is the administrative centre of the municipality of Baghdati. It’s situated on the River Khanistzkali on  Kutaisi-Baghdati road. In Baghdati t...

It’s situated in Baghdati Municipality.It’s 10 km. from Baghdati.Village Rokiti is mentioned in the following sources:Vakhushti Bagrationi’s Descripti...

On the foothill of the Southern slopes of Likhi range, 7 km away to the South-West from the municipality of Khashuri, 750 m from the sea level, there ...

In the medieval centuries it was one of the most importan cities in Egrisi Kingdom.( in Greek sources it was called Rodopolice, in Georgian sources it...

On the trail of St. Andrews, you will encounter the bezoar goat, the mixed forests, the highest peak of the national park - Sametskvareo, the mounta...


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