Tbilisi Botanical garden, also known as National Botanical Garden of Georgia is located in Tbilisi, the capital of Georgia. It is big enough to possess a collection over 4,500 taxonomic groups of flowers. The history dates more than three centuries. First, it was described by French traveler, Jean Chardin (we have his named street in Old Tbilisi, Chardin Street, which is one of the most beautiful streets). Who called this place Royal Gardens. It is estimated that this garden was founded in 1845 in its present look. That’ why, it is one of the oldest botanical gardens in the post-Soviet area. Nowadays, it’s called simply Botanical Garden. Here you can see exotic flowers and the extremely rare exemplars of local flora.

Apart from the above, the garden supports rich collections of ornamental cultivars. Also, this garden presents not only local, but also worldwide flora. Here one can see a lot of pavilions, shady, lovely alleys, few dancing waterfalls, with the sound of nature’s music and mounting bridges scattered around the garden for comfort of visitors.

It is an ideal spot for walking and cycling, resting not only your mind or body, bot also- soul.
Those romantic personalities can enjoy the nature by the river under the shade of a century-long tree… I want to tell you that this garden is also best place to take wonderful pictures, the residents of Tbilisi used to come here, when they have wedding photo sessions, or school final party…


There is one very important thing, if you love Japan, it’s cute and sweet villages, you can visit Tbilisi Botanical Garden. Sounds strange right? But believe me, here you can find yourself in Japanese village, near the little wooden cabin with its perfect roofs, and tea drinking places.

botanical garden tbilisi

You can also walk on the pink bridge among the river, which is the symbol of a Japanese woods. There is also such great and important Japanese symbol of cultural beauty, like Torii Gate, a
lso a rocky castle like Tasoutou- which is acknowledged as the symbol of happiness and destiny. We should not forget about Kasuga Style Stone Lanter...


 tbilisi botanical garden

So I will emphasize, if you visit the Botanical Garden, you will be in two different places at once : in Georgia and in Japan. Don’t miss that chance.  Oh, and one more thing, if you are extreme lover, then you can descend from the Nariyala Fortress in Botanical Garden with Zip Line- this is the rolling machine, which is on the stretched steel cable (to see the video, Click here). So there are many reasons why you should visit the Botanical Garden.