Tourist Informational Center is in the middle of the park named in remembrance of A. Pushkin, located in the center of Tbilisi, near Freedom Square. Comfortable place to meet, especially if you’re not familiar with the city. Tourist Informational Center is a wooden construction where two young employees of National Tourism Agency are always ready to help in any way. Equipped with computers and all kinds of informational brochures. Maps and printed materials there are free so you can use them. You’ll find a small nice fountain in the park that shines in summer nights with its lighting system. Free wi-fi of the town is also available there. (Tbilisi loves you). Rustaveli Avenue, Freedom Square and Pushkin Park are ideal for walks even at night. Historical part of the city is also near. There are many restaurants around and one huge shopping mall named Gallery Tbilisi.

Getting here is quite easy. You can use all kinds of public transports (Metro, Bus, Micro Bus) and taxi for sure. For more information about public transport you can use application Google Maps or visit these links: /

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