Are you staying in Tbilisi just for two days and don’t know where to go ? or what worth spending your time? I’ll give you a wonderful advice. Just go and visit Lisi Lake .
Some people call it “Lisi - Secret ” , and I must say , that they are right . It became very popular after realizing, that it’s not only “ summertime - place “ , you can get there anytime you want, at any season. Nowadays, this is one of the most popular full-year urban styled fun-place in Tbilisi. Lisi is interesting as a medial place, which, during the day , let too many people, with a different point of view ,  spent wonderful ,peaceful time .
What makes Lisi so unique?
This is a public place, full of different services and products . It’s convenient for tourists, because if you don’t know exact direction , you can follow so-called coloured navigations . For example,  yellow colour meaning , is , that it’s pedestrians’ way , and rose coloured road is for bicycles. And also, if you love bicycles, then this place is for you. You are able to walk there at any time, because the lights are shining all the time . you can see that sign.

“Anybody who rides a bike is a friend of mine.”

Every colour here is a new way to find a real wonderland. Lisi lake is a place, where nature is merged to modern amusements. One can come across the wild bamboo trees , as well as the those corroding skateboards, which bring such mystic aura. It has thick forest all around ,and you can imagine, that you are in a very far from civilization , and it’s a very mystical place, when , actually, you are just 500 meters from the capital of Georgia, in Tbilisi. So ,you can have wonderful , unbelievable emotions at the same time . one may say ,that Lisi is a coffee without caffeine .  In a nutshell , if you are bored ,tired with those modern, urban - entertaining places , bars, clubs and all those chaotic noises, you must visit Lisi Lake . The wonderful smell of the trees in the air , fresh breath , birds, bicycles, hammocks ,where you can lie down and read a book ,or just enjoy with those picturesque panoramas of the like, the sun Or do you want to get tanned? You can come here with your friends and have a picnic or whatever you want .  Everything is created for you ... Also, if you love running , for example, and it’s hard for you to run in the streets, where there are so many cars ,polluted air, and people everywhere, you can just get there and run , even when it’s too late, because beautiful garden lights in Lisi Lake will lighten up your roud .One more thing, if you travel with your children , or a child , does not matter , Lisi Lake is for you. “ anybody who has a child , is a friend of mine ”. You can feel childish happiness everywhere.
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9 Other important things ,why you should visit Lisi Lake
  • Lisi lake is famous of special climate conditions , is a prolific zone with thermal waters .
  • It’s in 500 meters from Tbilisi ,you can get there in several minutes .
  • It’s located mayby 100 meters higher, than the other districts in Tbilisi .
  • Lake’s depth is 4 meters, and temperature is always very pleasant, so you can not only enjoy the scenery, but also swim.
  • You can go fishing there to
  • In winter, there is frozenfishing 
  • There are about 1400 different species of plants .
  • There was opened a new hippodrome form 2007 , so you can ride a horse too .
  • From here you can see wonderful views of Tbilisi .