Dighomi Park, დიღმის ტყე-პარკი Dighomi Park, დიღმის ტყე-პარკი Dighomi Park, დიღმის ტყე-პარკი

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Digomi Forest Park - located in Tbilisi, at Digomi Massif, between Akhmeteli and Ljubljana streets. The history of the forest-park dates back to 1934, when the Tbilisi Basic Seedling Farm was established here. It also had the function of a windbreak. According to the city plan, its area was 75 hectares. However today only, 20.5 hectares of this area have survived. From the day of its establishment, Digomi Forest Park was considered to be the "lungs of the city". There is no similar place as Digomi Forest Park in Tbilisi.

There are about 7,000 species of plants in the forest park, both local, unique woody and imported varieties. Most of the local plants are included in the "Red Book" of Georgia and these species need to be especially protected.

In Digomi Park you will meet unique trees over 150 years old, in particular oaks, pines and others, which have historical significance for Tbilisi. Digomi Park is characterized by favorable climatic conditions - dry, moderately warm and partly dry subtropical zones, which promotes the multiplication of imported plants.

Digomi Forest Park is one of the best walking and relaxing places for Tbilisi citizens.

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