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Best time to visit: Summer

Duende Treehouses and Cocktails offers a choice of 6 deluxe treehouse cottages. Each cottage offers its own private area with a fire pit, some of them offers a cold plunge pool by day and a hot-tub by night and all of them quite sitting areas. All are surrounded by a sub-tropical Caucasian forest. Duende is the paragon of glamour, nature and coziness.

Khiza Village, Nnigori (Lagodekhi)
41.843327, 46.23002
Monday: 24 Hours
Tuesday: 24 Hours
Wednesday: 24 Hours
Thursday: 24 Hours
Friday: 24 Hours
Saturday: 24 Hours
Sunday: 24 Hours
Distance from the Capital
154 km (95.69 mi)
Recommended duration
2 days

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