Eki Fortress ეკის ციხე Eki Fortress ეკის ციხე Eki Fortress ეკის ციხე

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Eki Fortress is located in Samegrelo, Senaki Municipality, in the vicinity of the village Eki, on the top of a high mountain. It dates back to the early Middle Ages. The fortress consists of a fence and one tower. The fence is surrounded by an artificial moat. This kind of fortress complex is typical of the system rooted in the kingdom of Egrisi. The tower is a large rectangular building, from which three floors have been partially preserved. The southern wall of the tower is better preserved. For the facade of the building, coarsely processed limestone was used. Towards the top, the dimensions of the stones decrease. At a distance of about ten meters, the tower is surrounded by a hedge, which is badly damaged, the remains are better seen in the southern part. The moat is located 20-25 meters away from the fence. At present, its depth is 6-7 meters, and its width is 4-5 meters, although initially, it should be deeper.

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