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Ertso Lake is located in the Shida Kartli region, Java Municipality, near the village of Ertso, in the basin of the river Kvirila, at 1710 meters above sea level. The municipality of Java is currently occupied and is part of the Tskhinvali region. Surrounded by forested mountains and flowery meadows, the blue lake creates a beautiful sight. Particularly impressive views are from the slopes of the lake and its surroundings, from where you can enjoy the extensive views. Lake Ertso is included in the "Red List of Georgia". Its surface area is 0.31 km², average depth - 2.1 m, maximum depth - 19 m. Three permanent tributaries are joined to the lake. 4 karst springs are filled with water. The lake freezes for almost 5 months in winter. The dirt road goes to Lake Ertso, so it is very convenient for picnics and unwinding in the tranquility of nature with family and friends.

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