Geoland - maps of Georgia

Geoland - maps of Georgia

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If you love hiking you probably know that the most important part of it is knowledge of roads and quick orientation in space around. To avoid any kind of problems you should own a map of a new location or at least have some navigation gadgets. It’s pretty hard to find an appropriate map. You’ll see a lot of city or country maps around, some of them you’ll get for free at Tourism Informational Centre Tbilisi, but hiking needs more specific maps. I didn’t have to search for those for a long time, I found a company named “Geoland” that provides maps with a scare 1:50 000, also some navigation gadgets even for cars. Georland prints maps of any place in Georgia that have hiking roads, Sightseeings and many other details pointed on them. Each this kind of map costs 10 Georgian lari. If you want your map to be constructed based on Soviet Union military maps, It’ll be worth 22 Georgian lari.

Geoland is on the opposite side of House of Justice, on the right bank of the river Mtkvari. Getting there is pretty easy by taxi or any public transport. Office is open Monday-Friday 11:00 – 17:00.

For more information about public transport you can use application Google Maps or visit these links: /

For more information about taxi service in Georgia please visit the link:

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daniela proserpio
daniela proserpio

Please, could you send me a Geoland trekking map n°4 ?


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