Georgian dance masterclass

Georgian dance masterclass Georgian dance masterclass

About Georgian dance masterclass

Join us in the 1 hour Georgian dance masterclass with a professional dancer from the most famous Georgian ensemble!

You will be taught Georgian typical dance Acharuli with other travelers. But, before you start dancing, you have got to taste a glass of Georgian wine!

The land of Georgia is well known for its various traditional dances and polyphonic music. The numerous traditional dance forms of Georgia are Davluri, Kartuli, Honga, Acharuli and others. Each dance performs an action such as wedding, war, competition and harvesting of crops but the Acharuli dance is known for its flirtatious and light hearted movements created on stage by men and women. The Georgian love for land and life is well encompassed in the movements of spontaneous celebrations called Acharuli. The dance is more informal and is performed with a playful and teasing mood by its performers. The happiness surrounding the Acharuli dance form is so contagious that even the audience is tempted to shake a leg or two. Accompanied by vibrant music and colorful costumes, the Acharuli dance is also embodied with graceful movements.

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Duration: 1 hour

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